Take action

Across Yorkshire and the Humber we want to expose highlight how we are drawn in and encouraged to gamble despite the potential harms. Gambling is often a hidden issue, but we want people to take action and talk openly about gambling harms.

Talk about it

If we become addicted to gambling, or if gambling begins to affect our lives, we are told that this is our fault. We are told that we have lost control. This rhetoric is supported by well-known slogans that say things like “gamble responsibly” or “when the fun stops stop”. These slogans lay the responsibility at our feet, with no mention of the products designed to keep us hooked. We may feel shame or stigma, and we may worry about how people will react. This can make it nearly impossible to open up and talk about our experiences.

Talking about gambling, the harms and the risks with friends and family members will begin to lift the lid on the real risks of gambling products and how they are sold and promoted to us.

Here are some tips and conversation starters.

Avoid saying anything that may come across as confrontational or make them feel they are to blame. Don’t just focus on money lost – gambling harm affects people, not just finances – aim to be supportive.
Explain how you feel and let them know that the gambling products and the sales tactics used are all part of the problem. Be aware that it might take more than one conversation and don’t tell them what to do.

Resources to share

Burst 1

Join the Gambling Understood campaign by downloading a suite of  resources including posters, digital screens, web banners, digital screens and social media graphics to share across your network.

Burst 1 of the campaign focuses on increasing everyone’s knowledge about the current context of gambling environments and products. You can watch the burst 1 video here.

We suggest running burst 1 of the campaign for 6 months before moving on to burst 2 .



Burst 2

Once you’ve shared Burst 1 resources you can continue the campaign by downloading more resources to share.

You can watch the burst 2 video here. During this phase we want to increase the understanding of potential signs of harm to look out for and increase knowledge of where people can go if they are worried or concerned about gambling (their own or of others).