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If you have a story about gambling harms and you’d like to share it we’d love to hear from you. Personal stories can help to get people talking, change attitudes and remove stigma. If we want to publish your story we’ll get in touch and you’ll remain anonymous.

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“I felt depressed and desperate”

I have been gambling for 5 years, and I’ve lost a lot of money in the process. I had borrowed money from family and friends, and have even gotten into debt with loan sharks. This left me feeling isolated, depressed, and desperate. One day, I realised I needed to get help. I reached out to a gambling addiction support group, and began to attend meetings. With the help of the group, I was able to confront my addiction and make a plan for recovery.

Anonymous, from Yorkshire.

“Gambling has harmed me”

Gambling has been a daily routine for me, I push and push hoping to win over and over again. But it’s harmed me so much.

Anonymous, from Yorkshire.

“More trouble and more debt”

I’ve been gambling to support myself, feed myself and pay bills but little did I know that I was slowly killing myself and getting myself into more trouble and more bills. Gambling is seen as something to help with finances but to me it’s a game that has brought more trouble and created more debt.

Anonymous, from Yorkshire.

“My partner gambles”

I feel strongly that lottery tickets and cards shouldn’t be on display and offered at the tills as they can be a trigger. You wouldn’t ask at a till if you want a bottle of whisky or a packet of cigarettes so why is lottery any different. They are actively promoting gambling.

Anonymous, from Yorkshire.

“Waste of a good person”

My partner of ten years was addicted to gambling. When we were together we argued so much and eventually enough was enough. We were close to losing our home, £40k in dept and I wasn’t sleeping. Unfortunately this led to our marriage ending and we are now divorced. Another broken family through gambling.

Anonymous, from Yorkshire.

“Online gambling resulted in stress”

My husband racked up monthly phone bills of £3,000+. I saw the itemised bills of £10 transaction after £10 transaction, via an online gambling site. It just gets added to your mobile phone bill! So you defer the stress! He was always so apologetic and I know he hates that he did it but he was addicted.

Anonymous, from Yorkshire.

“Counselling helped me understand”

I went to counselling for partners of people with a gambling addiction to try and help me cope with it. It helped me to understand why my partner might gamble and gave me someone to talk to. I was unable to talk to friends and family as, for his sake, I didn’t want them to know what was happening.

Anonymous, from Yorkshire.